Top 5 Reasons Why Android is Better than iOS

For many years, Android has been and continues to dominate the market although there is a stiff competition with iOS. The following are some of the reasons why Android is way better than iOS.


The devices are everywhere

Android always has something for everyone. There is a variety of Android phones from some of leading companies like Huawei LG, Samsung, HTC, Motorola and Sony among others. You can get a phone with a big touchscreen a compact and small phone, an edge screen, a camera that rotates, a stylus or even on with a physical keypad like the Blackberry Priv. Android also caters for such needs like dual SIM and they have cutting edge technology when it comes to specs. Android has many features that are not available on Apple’s devices like removable battery and microSD. Although many many makers of Android phones no longer offer these accessories, there is a good number that still offers them.

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In addition to the smartphone, Android also has a large variety of tablets like Samsung Note tablets, Honor’s tablets, Xiaomi’s tablets and Nexus 9 among others.


Prices to fit your needs


Many Android devices come with different specs and in different designs.Android always has something to fit everyone’s budget. Apple’s products are more exclusive compared to Android ones which are more inclusive. Many people can afford an Android phone. It may not be that simple but Android has many pocket-friendly which give users a lot of smartphone experiences. Some of the low-priced Android phones include Nexus 5X and Moto X Pure Edition. On the other hand, iPad and iPhone are very expensive and unaffordable to many people.




Android allows a high level of customization on its devices. On the other hand, Apple keeps a lot of control on its default apps so as to maintain homogeneity of its software and hardware experience. On the other hand, Android lets users pick their own level of customization. This includes simple things like alternative keyboards, live wallpapers and installation of custom ROM. A number of phone makers are also allowing customization of complex hardware. LG and Xiaomi have replaceable leather backplates, Motorola has Moto Maker.




Android has for a long had better widgets as compared to the static rows of icons that are found in iOS. Microsoft seem to have realized this advantage and developed the Live Tiles system on their Windows phone Widgets give Android a major advantage over iOS. This is because one is able to see all the information he needs just at a quick glance on the phone’s home screen without opening a single app. Apple recently introduced widgets on their phones but they are very limited and are only live on the notification section.




Android offers a high level of multi-tasking.It allows you to do a number of things at once by switching apps. Samsung, for instance, has a multi-window which allows the user to view several apps at the same time. Many manufacturers have taken up this example. Apple is also taking up this example by introducing similar features.It is however far from reaching the level of multi-tasking that comes with Android devices.